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The D26960 heat gun is another product from DeWalt with improved features from its predecessors. Most notable is the wide temperature range it can provide as well as sustain. Also improved is its protection, which has enhanced safety for the uses not to mention the toughness that has been in cooperated in the incredible product.


The lightweight heat gun power consumption is 13 Amps, 120 V and 1550 W. With an enough power chord length of 10ft, its weight stands at only 2.3lbs. Due to the lightweight, one can use the tool for quite a long time before getting fatigue.

The compact machine has calibration interval of 50 degrees that runs up-to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the Liquid crystal display  (LCD) screen provides the interface, it makes it easier for the operator to know which temperatures he/she is operating at.


In case of an overload, the D26960 is equipped with a state-of-art built-in protection that protects it against burn ups by automatically breaking the circuit to prevent damage. Its beautifully designed cord is kept safe by a cord protector enhanced by jerk protector to guard against tearing from the rest of the housing. For instance the tool is placed in a compromising position; there is a kickstand to guard against toppling and thus gives it the stability. In addition, the comfortable handle gives the user an exceptional experience while working.

Notable Features

Unlike other previous versions, the DeWalt D26960 has an LCD display to make reading easier as well as control of variables for superb operating experience. The display shows the temperature increment from the least 150 to the maximum 1100. Another notable feature is the hang ring for easy placing and safe storage.


Strengths – It is user friendly due to the built-in LCD screen for the user to make easy judgment on the conditions of the machine. Its protection features are of high standards and ensure no losses whatsoever. The lightweight plus the storage strap adds to its infinite strengths.

Weaknesses – Due to the trending environmental concerns, the machine scores low for its high power consumption. This may be the only drawback for the powerful tool.


If you are looking for a heat gun, then the D26960 should be your stopping point, for with this awesome tool, all your needs will surely be met. The safety installation, the LCD, and the awesome casing that serves numerous purposes define an appliance of our generation ready to meet the needs of the future.

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