Daniel Ruyter's "Dear Son" Post Series

Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.

-Wade Boggs

You Are Why I Write

As dads, one of our biggest responsibilities is raising well-rounded, informed, intelligent and empathetic children. I try to take that very seriously, but also know the harder you try to teach your child, sometimes the less receptive they are to learning those lessons.

I started the “Dear Son” series of posts on my “dad blog” to explore my past, present and future relationship I have with my sons.

Memoirs of a Dating Dad Book Cover

I Wrote a Book!

Dating as a single parent can be tough. I know this firsthand because I was a single dad after my divorce. Whether you’re a single dad, single mom or not single at all, I promise you’ll enjoy reading about my experiences!

“Dear Son” Blog Post Series

It’s not all about legacy, but I do often think about what I will leave behind for my sons to remember me by. I hope these posts contribute to my legacy as a dad. I also hope these lessons will some day sink in for my sons. Many of these lessons fall on deaf ears today, but as they grow and grow up, I think they’ll come to appreciate the insight and wisdom that a dad can provide his children.

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