Daniel Ruyter's "Dear Son" Post Series

Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.

-Wade Boggs

You Are Why I Write

As dads, one of our biggest responsibilities is raising well-rounded, informed, intelligent and empathetic children. I try to take that very seriously, but also know the harder you try to teach your child, sometimes the less receptive they are to learning those lessons.

I started the “Dear Son” series of posts on my “dad blog” to explore my past, present and future relationship I have with my sons.

Memoirs of a Dating Dad Book Cover

I Wrote a Book!

Dating as a single parent can be tough. I know this firsthand because I was a single dad after my divorce. Whether you’re a single dad, single mom or not single at all, I promise you’ll enjoy reading about my experiences!

“Dear Son” Blog Post Series

It’s not all about legacy, but I do often think about what I will leave behind for my sons to remember me by. I hope these posts contribute to my legacy as a dad. I also hope these lessons will some day sink in for my sons. Many of these lessons fall on deaf ears today, but as they grow and grow up, I think they’ll come to appreciate the insight and wisdom that a dad can provide his children.

Dear Son: Real Men Cook

Dear Son: Real Men Cook

Dear Son, “Real men don’t cook” and “you fight like a girl” are clichés that really don't have any place in today's society. The way we fix them is to change our own behavior. As you grow up, it's important to know that it's okay for dudes to be kitchen savvy and not...

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