Dear Son: Honor Your Mom Everyday (Not Just Mother's Day)

Dear Sons,

Today is Mother's Day, 2017. On Mother's Day, the calendar tells us we are supposed to celebrate the roles that moms play in our lives. The commercials on T.V. tell our moms how valued they are. The cards and balloons and chocolates and dinners out at restaurants are all for mom on Mother's Day.

On Mother's Day, we thank our mom for all those meals.

On Mother's Day, we say how much we appreciate her hard work both in and outside of the home.

On Mother's Day, we stop and honor mom for all that she does for us.

On Mother's Day, we make time to give praise to mom. But mom makes time for us every day. Are we to think that this day - Mother's Day, is enough to repay her for all that she does? Does this one day make up for the 364 days that we don't show as much appreciation?

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Mom is the glue that binds the family.

Mom does.

Mom's role, often times, is one that holds a household together. Mom prepares the dinner that brings us all together at the table in the evening. Mom adds messages to the dry erase board with our weekly tasks and schedule. Mom gets us ready for school and work in the morning.

Mom sweeps.

Mom vacuums.

Mom sweats.

Mom smiles.

Were it not for mom, we may not eat like kings and queens. Were it not for mom, we may scatter like dust into the day, only settling back down to sleep at night. Were it not for mom, we would still be a family, but a much, much different one, to say the least.

Dear sons, I want you to take a moment and think about your mom. I want you to think about all that she provides to you. Don't just think about the meals and help with homework and "stuff" she buys you, but I want you to think about her, the person.


Think about what her day was like today.

Think about what her childhood was like when she was your age.

Think about what she wants to do tomorrow, the day after Mother's Day.

Think about your mom on this day, and realize that she is much more than a mom. While many moms define much of themselves around all that makes them moms, they're much more than that, too. They're women, they're sisters, they're friends and mentors, they're leaders, explorers, entrepreneurs and experts.

On this Mother's Day, appreciate your mom for all that she is, and not just what the calendar tells you to see.

Love your mom every day, not just on Mother's Day

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