Dear Son: Different does not mean wrong. Life is not black and white so try to live with empathy.

Dear Son Live Your Life With Empathy
Dear Son Live Your Life With Empathy

My most recent letter in my "Dear Son" series of posts is about how the next generation should learn from the mistakes of the current generation and live their lives with empathy.

I'm sure you've seen it if you're on Facebook or other social media platforms. The political and idealogical divides in the US are profound right now, and they seem to only be widening. Diversity has always been one of the best parts about the United States, so why is it tearing us apart now?

How do you define "dad"?

Google says that "dad" and "father" are the same.

I respectfully disagree. Here's our new definition of dad and why we think the words are not the same.

A letter from a Dad to his sons.


Dear Son:

There has been and always will be conflict in this world. I understand and accept that fact, for now. But I also remain hopeful.

One of the best things about being a Dad is the hope that my sons bring to me.

I am hopeful of a lot of things for you and your generation. One of my biggest hopes is that you can live your lives more empathetically than my generation has.

I'm convinced a lack of empathy is one of the biggest reasons we see so much argument and conflict today.

Global conflicts and the escalation and lack of resolution like the war in Syria are the direct result of a lack of empathy.

Famine, war, trade conflicts and global disputes could all be more easily avoided with a little more empathy.

Taking it down to the personal and family level, I've seen way more arguments and conflicts on platforms like Facebook than in previous years. Once close families are now arguing and fracturing because of a difference in opinion on both major and minor issues.

Empathy can't necessarily fix all of these problems, but I think it could go a long way to improve it.

Sons, I encourage you to live your life with empathy. Try to see things not as black and white, right and wrong, but from the other side's perspective as much as you can.

You don't have to change your mind or your principles. However, another perspective may help you better understand why people think the way they do and to be more accepting of your differences.



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What do you think? Do your kids have empathy toward other people? Do you have empathy or do you live life in black and white?

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