Modern technology has seen a drastic shift in hobbies and pastimes. Many people love sitting at home getting entertained but fishing hasn’t lost its thrill at all. The Daiwa Aird 100H Baitcast reel is an advanced and exceptional Baitcast.

The Aird 100H is very light, because of its aluminum composite frame and side plates. It is a robust product that effectively achieves good line and fish control.

It is a new product from Daiwa that has improved performance and very distinctive features. Other features that make it stand out include a magnetic control for the reel, an anti-reverse mechanism and a dual stopper. It is also equipped with an aluminum spool that improves its fluidity in retrieving fish.


The Aird 100H stands unbeaten in the kind of features it possesses. It also offers the very best line control and backlashing is completely eliminated. The reel is more balanced to the rod compared to other casting reels owing to Daiwaís handle design. Another pro only present in the 100H is the ingenious combination of a dual stopper and an anti-reverse tool. These two features work in conjunction to exclude jarring strikes and undesirable playbacks.


The comfort and performance derived from the 100H is absolutely in its own class. The nine stainless steel ball bearings are very durable and they ensure excellent driving for the reel. The 100H model has a standard gear system with a 6.3:1 ratio. The handle knobs are large and I-shaped, offering better grip and ease of control. The MagForce magnetic gadget better achieves cast control for a variety of conditions.


The Daiwa Aird 100H is rigid enough to drag up to 8 pounds loading. It is also lightweight and all its moving parts are in perfect harmony. It is so easy fishing with the Aird 100H especially for new users but people with former experience with other baitcast may find it difficult to use.


It is preferable to have removable handle grips in a casting reel. Unfortunately, the handle knobs in the Aird 100H are fixed to the bearing. Unlike other Daiwa reels, the brake in the 100H is on the side plate instead of the top. This would be an anti-climax for many first users.


The Daiwa Aird Baitcast reel is one of the best products from Aird. For a low price of $85-$90, this reel features unique value. All in all, Aird 100H is a good baitcaster even compared to other products from Daiwa.

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