Dadtography's Top 10 Best Instagram Dad Photos of 2016

I've been a "daddy blogger" now since about 2007 when I started my first blog - Memoirs of a Single Dad. While my blog may have changed a bit since then, I'm still trying to keep my parenting blog going. I have a lot of respect for mommy and daddy bloggers alike, and especially for those that include their own photography with their blogs.

Clearly, we love great photos here at Dadtography, and that's why we wanted to put together our top 10 list of the best dad photos we found on Instagram this past year. Some of them were tagged with #Dadtography and were shared on this website, while others were just random finds.

If you have an Instagram photo you'd like to show off, be sure to add the hashtag #Dadtography to share it with the community!

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(Use code DADTOGRAPHY for $10 off!)

Best Dad Photo #10 - Daddy Cool

@daddy_co.ol is the dad behind the German mommy blog "Babies, Biceps & Brownies" at (@Yavimoves on Instagram). This feed is full of so many great photos, but I feel this one really epitomizes what being a great dad is all about.

A photo posted by Zach Rosenberg (@zjrosenberg) on

Best Dad Photo #9 - Zach Rosenberg & Son

Zach (@zjrosenberg) and I have known each other for a few years. Zach started a blog called and has been blogging for quite a while. He and I met on a press trip and stay in touch the way most people do these days - Facebook and Instagram.

What I like the most about Zach is his sense of humor and he shows it off in this photo of him and his son "mean muggin" during a skateboarding session.

A photo posted by Brent Almond (@designerdaddy) on

Best Dad Photo #8 - Brent Almond

Brent (@designerdaddy) is the daddy blogger mastermind behind Super Lunch Notes (@superlunchnotes) and posts more personal photos on this account. He and a group of other dad bloggers did a trek across England this past year to benefit Camp Kesem - a camp for children whose parents have cancer. Brent and the group snapped the photo below during that cross-country hike.

A photo posted by Jeff Bogle (@owtk) on

Best Dad Photo #7 - Jeff Bogle

Jeff Bogle is founder of the blog Out With the Kids (@owtk) and has really come into his own this past year. While I've never met Jeff in person, we did participate in the Samsung Imagelogger program together for a few years and I feel like I got to know him through his photography. Jeff's photos continue to impress me and I think they make his storytelling all that much more powerful. Jeff combines what I know are a few of his favorite things on this earth in his photo.

A photo posted by Chris (@dadncharge) on

Best Dad Photo #6 - Chris Bernholdt

Chris Bernholdt (@dadncharge) is another daddy blogger I've known for a while, but have yet to meet in person. Chris founded the blog and regularly posts on Instagram. I have to say, I've seen some really great photos coming from Chris. His composition has always been spot-on and I think his editing skills have really improved over the past year as well. This long exposure "light drawing" photo is one of my favorites of his over the past year.

A photo posted by Mark Brewer (@airholdy) on

Best Dad Photo #5 - Mark Brewer

Mark Brewer (@airholdy, @thisdadsjourney) is a "daredevil" dad photographer that likes to share photos of his son in mid-flight as he tosses him into the air. I think just about all dads do it, but Mark takes it one step further and shares the moments with us on Instagram. Below is one of my favorite mid-air shots from this past year.

Girl power #nikon #d5500 #85mm #girlpower #dadtography

A post shared by Bryan Malloch (@brijonmang) on

Best Dad Photo #4 - Brijonmag

Bryan Malloch is a photographer based in Texas. He regularly posts photos of his daughters. This one really stood out to me as a strong, "girl power" photo. It's important to re-inforce confidence in our daughters and it seems Bryan is doing just that.

Best Dad Photo #3 - Anonymous Dad at Disney

This photo was one of my own of an anonymous dad and daughter I took on Main Street USA while at Disney World in Orlando. The pure joy on both of their faces is something I'll never forget.

Best Dad Photo #2 - WestCoastDadCo

WestCoastDadCo (@westcoastdadco) started sharing photos on Instagram using the #Dadtography hashtag earlier this year and I'm really liking what I'm seeing. I think my favorite is the photo below, which depicts dad's daughters and the frog they just caught. It's so important to make sure that kids get outside these days and I think this photo is an awesome depiction of that.

Best Dad Photo #1 - Andrew Ybanez

Andrew Ybanez (@elementalfotos) is a photographer in Arizona at and posted a photo of his daughter's first time on the slide. I love everything about this photo - from composition, to the light, the daughter's smile and even the perfectly imperfect mom or dad's hand in the shot. Thanks for sharing, Andrew!

A photo posted by Andrew Ybanez (@elementalfotos) on

What other dad (or mom) photos have you seen that are so awesome, you need to share them? Leave a comment below!

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