I must confess, crazy conversations with ex’s are events that both amuse and frustrate me to no end. Many of us don’t think clearly after we part our ways, and that often leads to some downright maddening conversations.

Now, just because you have crazy conversations with them doesn’t mean they (or you) are crazy, but logic is often nowhere to be found when you and your ex speak.

If you witness any or all of these crazy ex quotes, you can be reasonably certain your ex is still in their post-relationship “fog” and it’s best to simply limit conversations with them to smoke signals or carrier pigeon until they (hopefully) return to sanity.

Crazy Conversation #5 – Talking in Circles

A conversation with an ex that talks in circles can be extremely frustrating. You ask a question and they answer a different question – or provide no real answer at all. It can make communication extremely difficult, leaving you wonder if they’re actually speaking another language and you don’t realize it. Unnecessary back and forth leads to confusion and frustration (in my experience). Can’t we just get to the point?

A circular conversation with your ex may go something like this:


Crazy Conversation #4 – Hatred for People They Don’t Know

Another one of my favorite crazy ex conversations is the classic expression of hatred for people they don’t know or have never met. Now don’t get me wrong, being a passionate person isn’t a bad thing, but when that passion is unpredictable or mis-directed – well, that’s another story.

A conversation with an ex may go something like this:

Hatred for strangers

Crazy Conversation #3 – Double-Standards

This is one of my personal favorites. Hypocrisy often runs rampant when relationships end. What’s good for the goose is often NOT good for the gander.

I’m not even sure what that means but I think it fits here. Anyway…

If you’re as frustrated as I am with post-relationship double-standards then you know exactly how this feels. A conversation with an ex that’s living in double-standard world may look something like this:

Double Standards Text

Crazy Conversation #2 – Silent Treatment

Silent treatments from the ex actually sorta make me giggle. Truth be told, I wish we could give each other the silent treatment, oh for say, FOREVER. But alas, we have this pesky co-parenting thing we have to do for the next eighteen or so years.

Yeah, bummer. Some ex’s just don’t understand that the silence is golden and they’re doing you a favor by keeping their mouths shut.

Unresponsive CoParent

Crazy Conversation #1 – Your Last Civil Conversation

Do you remember when the last civil conversation you had with your ex was?

I do.

It’s sad that when most conversations go so poorly you actually remember the last one that didn’t. Shouldn’t civility be the norm in co-parenting? If only we could get over ourselves and just be parents

What’s so crazy about this conversation? This is the way our conversations with our exes should be. But it’s not the norm for most couples.

 Your Last Civil Conversation

All conversations appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental but perhaps not entirely by accident.

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