The Coleman Exponent X30 backpack is an essential tool for hiking. It is relatively large and it easily fits most of the luggage required during a hiking spree. This is the perfect backpack for a long period camping expedition since it ensures that you leave nothing behind.


The backpack has a compression spin drift Collar and side pockets on either side. The adjustable sliding sternum strap provides better support and prevents the backpack from shifting as you walk. It feels comfortable to carry the backpack because of the thermo-moulded panel on its back. Also it has increased air flow from the incorporated air channels. Other features include ski keeper webbing and two ice axle loops. Average weight of the backpack is 2.8 lbs. running at 1830 cubic addition; an inbuilt hydration sleeve is in cooperated with double supporting points.


It has a zip side and a front panel access, which allow entry from any side depending on the position of the luggage. This is meant to improve flexibility of use and to gather for situations where one is only compelled to use one side as the entry point. Its beauty is enhanced by the reflective loops coupled with plastic sheathing to give the glittering impression that can also serve as visual aid in the dark.


Airflow is allowed by the thermo designed back to provide for air channels, which in turn gives the carrier an experience like no other. The internal frame also serves to prevent compression with the body of the user thus the comfort. What is more, the loading is meant to be from the top, a feature to ensure seamless extraction and inputting of stuff in the backpack.


Water bottle pockets are position on either side of the back for easy accessibility to drinking water. Included with the bag are state-of-art waist belt, shoulder straps as well as back panel all of which are utilized as ventilation channels. Some of the waist belts are fixed for instance the 1.5 inch Webbed belt.


Strengths – The Coleman Exponent X30 is very lightweight and comfortable so it can be carried for a long time. Its many storage pockets allow separation of luggage, preventing a mix up of what is being carried. It has two mesh water bottle holders, a ventilating waist belt and shoulder straps.

Weaknesses – While the Coleman Exponent X30 backpack is great for casual use, more serious backpackers or hikers may find that the unit falls short for storage and durability.

Conclusion – from the infinite cutting edge features of the Coleman Exponent X30, it is clear that the manufacturers were inspired when they designed this backpack.

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