Cabela’s High Sierra Appalachian is a large tent that is ideal for many campers of a camping family. The tent is large enough to comfortably accommodate eight and occupies a floor area of 150 square feet. The tent is made out of very light and tough polyester material. The tent has a large fly that allows easy access in and out of the tent.

This family cabin tent has a watertight floor that has elevated sides. It is incorporated with taped seams that keep water outside the tent in case of a storm. Such a tent that can house up to eight people needs to have adequate ventilation. The tent is large with windows providing adequate ventilation using the Cyclone system.

Internal features

The Cabela’s family cabin tent has a sewn partitioning divider that separates the tent into two equal rooms. This is very ideal for a team of campers who need privacy say with regards to gender. The tent is supported centrally by an 86” fiberglass pole, ensuring enough headroom for the occupants. In addition, the center pole provides adequate resistance to strong winds and heavy rain.


The convenience of the tent is certainly a notch higher in that it is very easy to store things in the tent without being cumbersome. Hanging shelves, beverage holders, a couple of hanging meshes and gear lofts make camping so much easier in this tent.


One big pro about Appalachian tent is that it comes as a complete package. The tent comes with a polyester bag, which is very handy in carrying the tent. Also inclusive in the tent kit are steel pegs for mounting the tent, reflective door tapes and cords for tying down the tent.


Covering a large floor area is good because it certainly means more occupancy; however, large areas mean that the tent may be carried away by wind. The tent weighs a little more than 47 pounds making it difficult to carry the tent over long distances. Though the tent is made of a watertight polyester material, it becomes difficult to keep the water out after several hours of rainfall.


This is a perfect tent for normal weather conditions but in case extreme winds or rain is expected, then it would be wise to go for a stronger tent. The price of Appalachian family tent is fairly low for its size making it a good option for camping in a moderate weather region.

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