7 of the Best Family Destinations for Photography on the Planet

What better way to get your little ones on board with their new hobby than by trying it out at an exotic destination? A family holiday can provide the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and see the world from a different perspective.

To help your little ones develop their eye, and to help you develop your photo albums, we’ve put together a list of our favourite and most photogenic family holiday destinations. Enjoy!

Sint Maarten

Caribbean Island Paradise

Yes, it's true that Sint Maarten was impacted by hurricanes in 2017, but don't let that stop you from visiting.

The island is nearing a full recovery, and it needs the support of visitors to help it continue. St Maarten is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and clearest, bluest waters in the Caribbean.

You can sit and relax on the beach, watching the tourists float by or you can head inland and explore a diverse landscape and people that include influences of both Dutch and French. In fact, it's the smallest island in the world that's claimed by two different countries!

Our Journey Back to SXM

In September, we returned to St. Maarten aboard Royal Caribbean International Oasis of the Seas with 200 lbs of school supplies for the Oranje School. Here's the story of our journey back to the island.

Yokohama, Japan

Cherry Blossom Season

Japan may not ordinarily be at the top of your family-friendly travel list, but maybe it should! Japan is full of head-spinning wonderment whatever your age. The country’s rich and utterly unique culture makes it a mind-expanding destination for youngsters and their parents.

Whether it's taking a few snaps of delicately manicured cherry blossoms in one of Japan’s many municipal parks or sharing a pre-sushi Instagram before eating.

There’s no shortage of carefully designed and carefully considered aesthetics to capture. Experiment with exposure in the ultra-modern and tech-sensitive Tokyo, or turn the country on its head and head out to see Japan’s famous wilds and most sacred sites.

Sicily, Italy

Small Island, Big Personality

The Sicilian province of Italy is as varied as Italy’s 20 other regions. Its look and feel is unique, but it lacks the deliberating crowds of Rome and Venice – the perfect place for children to explore and truly experience Mediterranean culture.

Filled with rich heritage, Sicily is packed with history that reveals itself the more you explore. Armed with their newfound hobby, your little ones will find that their photos almost take themselves as they’re guided and framed by this island’s winding streets.

Visiting Italy without going to Sicily leaves no image in the spirit. It is Sicily that is the key to everything!

-Goethe, German Poet

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Barcelona, Spain

The Cosmopolitan Mediterranean Metropolis

The Catalan capital is one of Europe’s most desirable cities, its architecture and inherent culture makes it one of the most visited – and most photographed – in the world.

The city itself is full of activities to keep the little ones interested, and plenty more to test their photography skills.

From the iconic Las Rambla, Gaudi's wondrous mosaics or the spectacular beachfront, you’ll hardly have a moment to put your cameras down.

The Canary Islands

Go for Carnival, Stay for Everything Else

These Atlantic islands are far from what you’d expect. Yes, there’s golden sand aplenty and warm turquoise waters to wade into – but there’s much more than that here.

With the right eyes, your budding photographers will find enough diversity for a hundred islands.

There are prehistoric sites, dormant volcanoes on every horizon, thick pine forests, amazing dunes and mysterious coves just beyond the seafront resorts. Tenerife hosts a huge pre-Lent Carnival in the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

With a good plan of action, you can experience and snap a seemingly endless variety in a wild landscape that never stops surprising you.

A traveller without observation is a bird without wings.


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Lake Garda & Lake Como, Northern Italy

Italian Alpine Destination

Take to Italy’s lakes with the family and capture its spectacular vistas. Northern Italy boasts some of the biggest and most beautiful lakes in the world.

Carved out by ice ages over millennia, these cavernous landscapes leave nothing to the imagination – get lost in this sublime landscape and let your children connect with the regions natural splendor.

Verona’s Lake Garda and Lake Como to Milan’s north are fantastic places to visit. Surrounded by boundless hills and forests, these lakes are the perfect place to explore.

There are plenty of trails to follow and superb viewpoints that provides the perfect opportunity to test your photography skills.

New York City, USA


Give your kids the chance to take a bite of the Big Apple home with them.

The City that Never Sleeps has so many nooks and details for children to find and capture. Not to mention a host of famous landmarks from their favourite movies to get the measure of.

New York City has something for everyone - from baseball to the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and all points in between, NYC is a great family destination for photo buffs.

At Thomas Cook, we believe that photography is a life skill, capturing spectacular moments between friends and family is incredibly rewarding. Getting your kids to start at a young age means they have an invaluable hobby for life.

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