Of all films on their way out, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (BvS:DoJ) personally ranks high on my list of “most anticipated”.  Admittedly, I am a DC Comics fan and an even bigger Superman fan.  With that in mind, I am very excited to see this movie and March 25, 2016 can’t get here quick enough.  I believe whether you’re a fan of Superman or Batman, the average movie-goer will still enjoy the movie due to its incredible cast.  On that note, lets review the cast now to be sure everyone is “up to speed”.

Batman – Ben Affleck

Since the announcement that Ben would, in fact, be playing Batman in Batman v Superman, there has been a lot of debate among fans on his ability to due the character justice.  A lot of die-hard comic fans think Ben is too “soft” and “lighthearted” to play the “dark” knight.  Others are judging Ben based on his performance in the 2003 film, Daredevil.  But lets be fair to the guy.  That was 12 years ago.  I think its safe to say his acting skill has improved and his awards reflect so.  However, love him or hate him, the guy carries “star power”.  He’s a household name and has a fan base (most of whom are adoring women, but still a fan base).   The fact that he is playing Batman, arguably the world’s most famous superhero, will by itself send people to the theaters wanting to satisfy their curiosity.

Personally, I  am going to play the optimist (as usual).  I think he is a very talented actor, writer, and director.  I think he will do well as Batman and has potential to be a perfect Bruce Wayne.  Regardless, even if I didn’t like him, I would still have to see the movie.  Honestly, who doesn’t want to see Batman and Superman duke it out?

Superman – Henry Cavill

What can I say?  The guy is Superman!  In my opinion, the Warner Bros studio and DC Entertainment could not have selected a better Superman.  The guy is very talented and I believe will be a name everyone knows after the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  He was excellent in Man of Steel (MoS), despite not having the best script.  Given more dialogue and with a few classic lines, he can potentially be remembered as the best Superman (this, of course, with zero disrespect to Mr Christopher Reeves, I love that guy and as a child, he genuinely made me believe a person could fly).  Personally, I am hoping this movie gives him the “time to shine” moments that I hoped Man of Steel would have displayed in better fashion.

Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot

Finally, fans around the world will get to see Wonder Woman on the big screen.  Regretfully, the casting of actress Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious) in this role has been quite controversial.

Like most people, I already had another person in mind for the role (Gina Carano), however, I’m open to and excited to see Gal in this role.  Again, I an optimist and believe she and the studio/director can pull this off.  I see it like this:

  1. Remember, Wonder Woman is also a warrior and a princess.  She could easily nail the part of the princess.
  2. While limited, for her part, I thought she did well with the action in Fast & Furious so I am not opposed to the idea that she could do action scenes in BvS:DoJ.
  3. She might not physically look as “buff” as what we picture Wonder Woman as in the comics but does she have to?  I don’t think so.  Hugh Jackman IS known as Wolverine, yet the comics portray the character as 5’2” and 185 lbs.  At 6’2”, Jackman is a far cry from Marvel’s favorite “little” scrapper in terms of height.  So, I’m alright with a little change in appearance.
  4. The studio may not play on her strength as much.  Perhaps they will  focus more on her legendary fighting skills.  I would be okay with that, especially considering that she carries a sword, shield, and rumored spear.
  5. I thought some of the best/most memorable scenes in Man of Steel were when Superman was fighting Faora (the awesome female Kryptonian).  Unlike Wonder Woman, who typically exposes her impressive body yet, we never saw Faora’s muscles.  Faora was covered in armor.  Yet her scenes were no less impressive.  It was the movie’s special effects and the actresses line delivery that helped make her so incredible.
  6. Lastly, from what I understand,  Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus in this iteration.  That being said, her might/power sounds more magical than physical.  So there would be no need for a muscular/fit body other than to be pleasing to the eyes.

Okay,  so there you have it.  Just a few reasons why I remain optimistic, hopeful and reserved on any negative criticism on this casting.  I believe I will eventually see a Wonder Woman that I will respect from Gal in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Furthermore, I have to be fair and admit that I remember thinking that it was horrible casting when they announced Robert Downey, Jr as Ironman.  That turned to be the best casting decision Marvel has made yet.

Besides, so far, I think the look is pretty good…

Aquaman – Jason Momoa

For years, Aquaman has gotten a bad rap.  He has been considered a kind of joke for far too long.  This idea has changed some since DC’s New 52, however, Aquaman’s days of laughter in the public eye are almost over.  Get ready for the Aquaman we never had, but always wanted.  It appears that BvS:DoJ will introduce a new, never-before-seen version of our favorite Atlantean.

He will now be played by former Baywatch, Conan the Barbarian, and Game of Thrones star, Jason Momoa!!  This was a great decision in my opinion considering the new, more Polynesian mythology version the studio is going with.  Momoa is a very talented and underrated actor who deserves better roles.  For me, this is the most intriguing and exciting casting yet for the film thus far.

Check out the new, utterly epic, Aquaman that should cameo in Batman v Superman below and tell me that isn’t awesome:

Cyborg – Ray Fisher

Since having a part in the Teen Titans animated series and a small part on Smallville, many fans have been clamoring for a live-action big budget version of Cyborg.  For those unfamiliar with Cyborg (as he is pretty much an unknown to the general movie-goer), he was a football player who gets injured in a freakish accident at S.T.A.R. Labs (where his father works).  His father grafts some experimental cybernetic prosthetics to his son’s body in order to save his life.  In doing so, Cyborg is created and given a variety of abilities: strength, durability, flight, he can interf     ace with computers, and generate almost any weapon he can think of (his body will create the weapon as he thinks of it).

This characters debut is overdue as the superhero industry is need of more ethnicity and Cyborg has serious potential to be very cool and profitable.

I don’t know much about the actor but have heard his stage acting work is great, so I am looking forward to see what some “new talent” can bring to the table.

Alfred Pennyworth – Jeremy Irons

Playing Batman’s Alfred is not a role to be taken lightly.  With a movie riddled with controversial casting, when this role was handed to Jeremy Irons, nobody complained.   With a variety of movies under his belt (Eragon, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, Man in the Iron Mask), Jeremy Irons is well versed and certainly capable of delivering a stellar performance as Alfred.  I hope he is given a fair amount of screen time.  In any event, he is a welcome addition to Batman v Superman.  I can’t wait.  Nothing else to say.

Lois Lane – Amy Adams

Coming back to play Superman’s love interest, is Amy Adams.  While she wasn’t my first choice to play Lois Lane prior to MoS, as always, she delivered quality acting and I expect her performance will be excellent again.

Martha Kent – Diane Lane

If there was ever an actress more suited to play the adopted mother of Superman I never saw her.  Diane Lane is just perfect and simply amazing.  She is great in everything she does.  She is an awared winning actress (Unfaithful, Under the Tuscan Sun) and I really hope she has a fair amount of screen time as I really feel like her acting has a kind of depth that can really add to BvS:DoJ.

Perry White – Laurence Fishburne

Returning as Clark Kent’s boss and Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet is the one-and-only Laurence Fishburne.  Best known for his role in the Matrix as Morpheus, Fishburne is extremely talented and deserving of great lines.  Regardless of how strong Superman may be, when Fishburne is on screen it is hard for anyone to overpower his performance.  Definitely looking forward to seeing him return in this role.

Lex Luthor – Jesse Eisenberg

In the world of DC Comics there aren’t many, if any,  villains who rival the celebrity of Lex Luthor.  While the role has been played in various ways, perhaps the role that won the most applause was that of the very intelligent, clever, and devious manipulative Lex Luthor from Smallville.  In Hollywood today, there aren’t many actors who come to mind who can convincingly convey those traits.  Of those that can, Jesse Eisenberg is up at the top 5 or so actors who can.  To be honest I had him chosen to play the Riddler at some point.  However, after consideration I am very thankful he was chosen to play Lex.  Given his performance in Social Network and definitely in Now You See Me, I can totally see him stealing the show in terms of line delivery.  With Eisenberg playing Lex  Luthor, its easy to imagine him using his intellect to confound, outwit and verbally ridicule Superman at every meeting.  I have no doubt he will have some of the best dialogue in the movie.  I just pray he is given plenty of screen time in Batman v Superman.

Flash – Ezra Miller

For mos,t Ezra Miller is kind of an unknown at this point and while his casting has been somewhat controversial, the guy does have real talent.  His performance in City Island was hilarious and his character in Perks of a Wallflower was, again, quite funny and charismatic.  Both funny and charismatic are necessary traits for a good Flash.

However, while we do know Ezra Miller is definitely cast as the Flash, its unconfirmed at this time if we will see him in BvS:DoJ or if we will have to wait until  Justice League: part  I on Nov 17, 2017.  Despite not being most die-hard fan’s first choice as the Flash, until proven otherwise, I am confident that Ezra will be able to pull this off with his personality alone.

Wrap up

While the above list is incredible, this isn’t all the known actors with parts in the film.  Just another tidbit… we will also see Jena Malone in a mystery role.  At this point, it appears that she might be playing Carrie Kelly, a female-version of Robin from the Batman series.

All things considered, it really seems like DC/Warner Bros are putting together a very entertaining film full of some Hollywood’s best talent to play some of the most iconic characters ever created.  As a movie buff, this is pure gold and I am personally very excited to see how this turns out.  Personally, I believe Batman v Superman has the tools and will crack the $200 million domestic opening weekend.

What are your thoughts?  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know what you think.  I would love to know your opinion.

Thanks for reading! – JDM

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