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The Benchmann HO Scale Royal Gorge train set encapsulates a magnificent history, superb scenic views and accommodations in readiness to take you on a 24-mile ride through 1,000 miles of Royal Gorge. Made with two strong locomotives, kids will not have trouble taking their passengers all the way through the included scenery.  The train set is easy to assemble as the E-Z tracks are designed not only to give efficiency but also simplicity to its users. Benchmann ensured that the train set is ready to run once purchased. It comes with the following features:

Features of the Benchmann HO Scale Royal Gorge Train

  • It is made of a combination of metal and plastic.
  • Features a speed controller and a power pack
  • 63 inches x 45 inches long snap fit oval E-z track
  • Includes twin locomotives: F7-A locomotive with a powerful operating headlight, and a powered F7B locomotive with a smooth side coach
  • A passenger car – full dome
  • Oldest scenic lines that combine rich history and posh accommodations of Colorado
  • A HO scale train set that is ready to run
  • Body mounted E-Z Mate couplers

The design of the locomotive makes it possible for the passengers to travel alongside the Arkansas River on the provided ribbon of rain as they enjoy an up-close nature view that is present in the canyon. With the Benchmann HO Scale Royal Gorge Train Set, they can observe blue heron, bald eagles, bighorn sheep, flora and mule deer as they head to the native gorge.

The Benchmann HO Scale Royal Gorge Train Set toy is recommended by the manufacturer for kids aged 8 years and above. Included in its pack is an instruction manual that will help any parent and kid to assemble the train set appropriately before being used. From Benchmann, the shipping weight of the toy is 4lbs. When buying the Benchmann HO Scale Royal Gorge Train Set, you get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


The price of the Benchmann HO Scale Royal Gorge Train Set varies depending on the retail outlet one purchases it from. At Bachmann’s website, the product is sold at a cost of $215 while it goes for $108 at Walmart. At Kmart, it is sold for $134, and just $99 on Amazon. Overall, it is a good gift for kids who love locomotives and are into trains and not a bad starter set. Just be careful – if they’re anything like I was when I was a boy, this will only be the beginning of their love for HO scale train sets!

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