Editors’s Introduction: I’d like to welcome Dadtography.com’s newest “Dadtographer”, Joseph. Joseph is a new single dad trying to adjust to the hard realities of co-parenting and not being able to see his girls as much as he once did. I hope you can relate to Joseph’s thoughts and stories – I know I certainly can. Please help me to welcome Joseph by leaving a comment below or sharing this post on your favorite social media channel.

Life as a new single dad has been a rough adjustment. To go from caring for and seeing my two girls to hardly seeing them at all has been hell for me. Going from the role of what seemed like Mommy & Daddy to just part time Dad and tore me apart both mentally & emotionally.

[bctt tweet=”As an involved dad in marriage, no one could prepare me for life without my girls after #divorce.”]

Roughly a month ago, my wife and I came to the decision that it just was not going to work. I made arrangements with a friend for a temporary place to stay. We got a support arrangement temporary figured out. That part went OK. However, no one could prepare me for life without my girls. It was a little over a week before I got to see them for the first time, post-separation. It was the longest, most agonizing week I have ever lived through. I remember talking to friends and family about it and just breaking down. I just remember thinking to myself how great it was going to be to finally get to see them again. When I did see them, I know tears of joy just flowed from my eyes like Niagara Falls. It was just a great feeling seeing them come running over and giving me a huge hug. At that moment, I did not want to let them go. We played for a while and had an overall good time.

At that moment, I did not want to let them go.

Then it came time to leave. I put the girls to bed like I had done many times in the past. Only this time, my oldest Madi, started asking questions. I answered them with the best of my ability, trying to hold back the tears. I just remember telling her that “No matter where I’m at, I always love you”. She settled down and I left. When I got in my car I just sat there, almost in disbelief of what happened. Once I gathered my thoughts, I went home. I remember not sleeping that night. I laid there continually thinking about that next time I would see them.

Christmas came and went. I got to see them for a little before bed on Christmas Eve and I got to see them for a few hours Christmas morning. I remember going home after and just laying around, almost in a deep depression. In theory, it really shouldn’t be different from any other time I’ve gotten to see them and having to leave. This time just seemed worse.

While I have only been a single dad for a little over a month, I’ve learned some valuable lessons already. Cherish every waking moment you have with your kids because you don’t know what life will throw in front of you next.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences with everyone here at #Dadtography.

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